Become a Professional Web Developer in 7 Easy Steps!

  1. Use a Mac, obviously.
    Do these other things even support HTML?
  1. When you don’t know what to do open a new <div> tag.
    Div tags are so responsive.
  1. Every HTML element is required to have between one and four classes.
    Examples: <button class="button">, <h1 class="heading heading-2 big bold">, <div class="left-margin right-margin top-margin bottom-margin">
  1. Stylesheets with less than 1000 lines are not suitable for professional projects.
    Thanks to Bootstrap you won’t have to write them yourself. Or even use them.
  1. Embed jQuery to enable JavaScript.
    Without jQuery you only have some obscure assembler-like programming support that is impossible to work with productively.
  1. Get some random jQuery plugins.
    They might magically solve your problems. If not, go to step no. 6.
  1. Talk about recent MVC frameworks in the kitchen.
    Don’t worry if you don’t have an idea what MVC means. Throw in terms like “performant”, “modular”, or “MVVM” ad libitum.


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